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Mobile Surgical Services


Gary Moody, D.V.M., M.S.
“Our goal is to provide the best surgical experience possible for you and your pet.”










Dr. Moody travels to your veterinarian’s hospital when more advanced surgery is recommended. Your veterinary clinic shares in the treatment of your pet, is more involved in the case, and all information and X-rays stay at your veterinarian’s location; no need to go elsewhere. Our service provides surgical instruments, vital sign monitors, the safest anesthetics and pain medications, and a dedicated surgical technician to care for your pet throughout the surgery.

Dr. Moody has provided specialized surgical procedures for Valley dogs and cats for more than 20 years, and attends annual surgical seminars to bring the latest medical advancements to your pet’s case. He strives to give you the information needed to understand your pet’s condition, why surgery is recommended, and how to care for your pet after surgery so your companion can live a long and comfortable life.

Mobile Surgical Services
1103 N. Alba Circle – Mesa
(Mobile practice throughout the greater Phoenix area)